Become a contributor for Audio 4 Games

Please read this checklist and decide if you want to become a contributor for Audio 4 Games.

1) Audio 4 Games is very selective. We have a low approval rate. Only the very best content is selected to give our costumers a high quality arsenal of products.

2) If you happen to become a contributor, you will receive 70% of the purchased price of a product, we keep 30%. It is your hard work we are selling, so you deserve much of your income in return – not the usual 25-30%.

3) To become a contributor, you will have to register an account, apply with your best work and wait for approval. If you are successful, you will be able to upload your content. It depends on the quality and value if your uploaded content will be accepted. If so, it will appear online and will be available for sale.

4) If you think your content is good enough to be published on Audio 4 Games, prepare your best work and apply to become a contributor.