Talent Release

Audio 4 Games requires that you are the owner/creator of all performances, lyrics and recordings. Only unique content will be accepted, audio that has been deemed to be copied or fraudulent will be removed, and the submitter may be subject to legal prosecution.

Every upload of audio content requires a talent release even if you are the sole creator and rights holder. You are required to provide completed talent releases for the songwriter, composer, all performers and any other person or entity with any right to the sound, song (both lyrics and musical composition) and sound recording.

If any rights holder is a minor (a child under the age of 18), the talent release must also be signed by the parent or legal guardian.

Valid witness signatures must appear for each talent (or rights owner) on the talent release. It must be someone other than you or another talent on the release.

Download the Audio Talent Release file here.

Audio Watermark

Any submissions that are three seconds or longer must have the Audio 4 Games watermark added to the preview .mp3 by the author. Make sure the watermark is loud enough to be audible, but not so loud that it is distracting. Do not edit the watermark in any way. It must play every ten seconds.

Download the Audio 4 Games Single Audio Watermark here

Download the Audio 4 Games One Minute Loop Audio Watermark here

Thumbnail / Featured Image Template

To complete uploads, you will need to provide an image thumbnail to represent your file after approval. Please use the Featured Image Template .psd with a size of 480x270px and arrange your logo or image for the file to fit the dimensions. Export a .jpeg or .png file and use it in the upload section as a Thumbnail / Featured Image.

If you upload several songs of a compilation, you can use the same image for all files.

Download the Audio 4 Games Thumbnail / Featured Image Template here




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