Audio 4 Games – Beta Phase

Audio 4 Games is a page for musicians and composers that want to sell their music tracks, music packages, sound fx or other audio samples for games, apps and other media.

The platform is also for customers searching for audio fitting their games, apps and projects. This includes game companies, indie developers and all kind of persons that require fitting audio for any media.

We are currently in the build-up phase. The page is already fully functional but needs some extensions to be made. But the main goal is to gather audio files! This is a call to all musicians, audio specialists and sound creators: Please apply as a contributor and upload all your work to Audio 4 Games to help setting up the platform! We are still at the startup-phase, but our target is to reach 50.000 – 100.000 files before the launch.

Contributors might not get much sales before the launch, but still we appeal to you to submit all your audio. We promise you won’t regret it. During the launch we will force all our capacities on entrenching the site to the (game development) community and reveal all audio to the people who need it.

There are other platforms offering audio, but Audio 4 Games is specialised on game audio. There will always be games for PC, Mac, Phones, Handhelds and Consoles that require fitting music and sound fx, so there will always be demand for your work.