Audio 4 Games is a marketplace for all kind of (royalty-free) audio created for games. This includes complete music tracks, music loops, music or sound packages, short samples and all kind of sound effects. Audio 4 Games is part of 70:30, a company for app development, game assets creation & more.

The platform is special because of the high requirements for contributors and the strictly selected audio content as well as offering an amazing and fair revenue share of 70% for the contributors at the same time. As creative and hard working individuals we respect the efforts other creative people are making and want to have them earn what they deserve. We think that stores which offer revenue shares of around 25% for a sale are not treating creative people the right way.

Audio 4 Games is the connection: Professional as well as hobby musicians searching for a way to sell their work – and clients, mainly game companies and indie developers, but also other customers searching for the right audio fitting their project. If you are a musician creating sellable audio, we appeal to you to apply for contribution and to submit your best work to Audio 4 Games. If you are a person looking for great game music, sound fx or other samples, we call on you to support this platform, buy music from composers and spread the information to all possible customers you know.

Audio 4 Games connects clients with a high amount of creative audio talent. We give people the chance to offer their ideas, content and products and create a quality marketplace for the game development scope and audio customers around the world.

Audio 4 Games
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Bernhard-Bästlein-Straße 55
10367 Berlin


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